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  • What does it cost to clean my windows?
    Getting your windows professionally washed is not as expensive as you may think. As many of you already know, to provide you with a quote it's dependent on the size, shape, ease of access and number of windows. We recomment contacting us to get a proper evaluation to determine the price. We can provide you with the quote within 24 Hours!
  • What other services do you offer besides window cleaning?
    We offer many other services: Gutter cleaning, Power washing, Soft washing, Solarium cleaning, Post construction clean up & much more. Contact us via phone or email to find out if the service your looking for is something we can provide.
  • Do you supply your own products & equipment?
    Yes of course, we are professionals we have our specialized tools and products to complete any cleaning job. Our products are safe for your family as well as pets, with years of experiece your property will shine once the cleaning is completed.
  • How long will my windows stay clean after it rains?
    Professionally cleaned windows will not spot when it rains within a few days of the cleaning. Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain the dust the ground, tree pollen, vehicle exhaust & etc. Base on our experice clean windows remain clean after the rain because there is no dirt on the window for the rain to smudge.
  • What is crystal cleaning's cancelation policy?
    We have a 72 hour cancelation policy for all of our clients. If the cancelation policy is not respected there is a 50$ fee applied. The only time the fee is voided is when there is a emergency the day of the cleaning or night prior and the appointment gets re-scheduled to a later date.
  • Does crystal cleaning only service the island of Montreal?
    No, we service the north & south shores of Montreal as well as the laurentians. No job is to fare for us, call or email us today to discuss your cleaning plans.
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