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why prioritise window cleaning?

Do you cringe every time you walk past the windows in your home and see smudges everywhere? Do you dread the thought of having to clean them? Having our window cleaning services improves the appearance of your home and your happiness but can also extend the life of the windows.

The best way to have your windows cleaned is in fact by professionals who are able to recognize existing issues. You may not even realize your windows have problems that could cost you in the future. For example, your screens may not properly fit, sills may have rot, or you could have a potential gas leak from in between your window panes which could cost you more in heating during the cold months. There are all examples of damages that only professionals with years of experience can identify.

Furthermore, window cleaning outside your home could also be an option for you if you are comfortable doing the inside on your own home. This will save you money while still receiving satisfying results. We will also eliminate dirt and debris surrounding the windows outside. On top of that, this option saves you time and you do not have to deal with the hassle of going up on ladders and we guarantee we will clean the hard-to-reach areas. This way you get to spend more time with your family and friends.

Moreover, professionals know the proper cleaning products to use for each cleaning job. Not all windows are the same; the solvents you use to clean your windows could be causing damage without you even knowing it. Not only can an experienced window cleaning company clean your windows from A to Z, but we will also make sure our cleaning methods are tailored to your window’s needs. Thus, professional window cleanings can extend the life of your windows.

Other elements could also be damaging your windows. Did you know that the elements in your yard could be the reason behind this? Indeed, the tree branches, the bushes or other natural elements can damage the windows. Thus, many issues could arise with your windows that only professionals can notice. For example, if you have spots or stains on the glass, they could pinpoint the cause. Also, glass that has been damaged by aluminum screens is prone to cracking and chipping, not to mention it is aesthetically unappealing. Therefore, our professional service will be able to recognize the warning signs to prevent any further issues from arising. Moreover, our teams can refer you to the best trusted repair and maintenance professionals for you to get quality services.

Professional Service Every Time

If you own a home or business, we understand that appearance and first impression matter to you. Having a clean facade at your business can make for a great first impression for new clients. For homeowners, having clean windows will make for a home-sweet-home appeal. At Crystal Cleaning, our goal is to deliver exceptional service that you can trust. In fact, we do know a little something about window cleaning after our completion of more than 10,000 window washing contracts. We also celebrated our 5-year anniversary recently! Thus, you are certain to get a professional service at every appointment!

We will Take Care of Everything

Crystal Cleaning’s professionally insured window cleaning team can handle any size or type of property with 2 million in civil liability. We will take care of everything. We bring our own supplies including drop cloths to keep your property clean while we work. Best of all, our work is completely guaranteed to your satisfaction!

Full Window Service

Whether your windows have not been cleaned in a long time or you are in need of regular maintenance, Crystal Cleaning is here to help. We will not only clean the exterior windows, but the interior glass too! We will even go beyond glass and clean your sills, screens, and window frames. Now that’s full service!

Get a Free Estimate

We guarantee our work to your satisfaction. Get a free estimate from Crystal Cleaning today by calling us at (514) 279-2321 or by sending us an email at

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